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"Get Team Clean"
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Be-Clean Cleaning Services
At Be-Clean Cleaning Services, we are committed to maintain equal or exceed standards that are demanded by the best companies in the business. We believe in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.

We provide a variety of services including:                                                                          
Mop/Sweep - Vacum - Bathrooms - Sinks/Tubs - Dusting - Kitchens - Bathrooms - Empty Trash

Other Services Not Offered
There are few things we do not offer as part of our regular cleaning:
- Wet wiping light bulbs- time and risk of breakage is too high.
- Putting away dishes, because we don’t want to stack things in a way that you would not (and to reduce risk of breakage).
There are a host of fun ways we make it easier for you to maintain your home, apartment, or commercial space. Let’s start today…

What is Green Cleaning? 
Green cleaning is effective cleaning which protects health without harming the environment. Green cleaning is a widely accepted movement that uses procedures and products to make cleaning for the health of building occupants, janitors, and the environment a primary concern and can play a key role in facilities maintenance, where a clean, attractive, healthy work environment is essential in attracting and retaining customers and occupants.